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Best Motion Control Running Shoes

Motion-control shoes are the most rigid, control-orientated running shoes. Designed to limit overpronation (or slow the rate at which a runner overpronates), motion control shoes are generally heavy but very durable. You should buy Motion Control Shoes if: you are an overpronator who needs control features and

Best Stability Running Shoes

First and foremost stability running shoes are the most popular running shoes in the world. In fact they count for a whopping 70% of the running shoe market. So it is more than likely if you are looking for a running shoe then a stability shoe will

How To Choose Running Shoes – Things To Absolutely Consider

Choosing a pair of running shoes can seem quite confusing but by following this easy-to-use guide you should find the pair that’s right for you. Gone are the days of clumpy running shoes. Now it is all about providing a natural feeling whilst giving optimal levels of



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